KNITex™ Series (Latex knitlined Gloves)

KNITEX™ HouseHold Series

Household Rubber Glove, Seamless Knit-Lined

General Features

  • Made with premium grade natural latex compound
  • Liquid proof, protection against certain acids and alcohols
  • Available in thickness of 15 mil, 17 mil, 20 mil
  • Seamless knit-lined for max comfort, cooling effect & sweat        management
  • Reinforced tear resistant & suitable for long term wear
  • No direct skin contact with rubber
  • Low-linting nylon liner reduces the risk of product contamination
  • Colored piping at cuff edge for easy identification
  • Loop for hanging (optional)
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    Industries Applications:

    • Food processing, handling, packing
    • Janitorial and cleaning
    • Sanitation and dish washing
    • Laboratory work
    • Agricultural and gardening
    • Plumbing
    • General Industrial use
    • General maintenance