Pearl Glove (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysian-owned company, which Designs, Develops and Manufactures industrial work gloves.


What separates us from the pack is …

  1. We produce only eco-friendly gloves using water-based formulations and processes.
  2. Our gloves are affordable with competitive pricings.
  3. Our processes undergo stringent quality tests & standards whilst our gloves are 100% QC inspected.
  4. We adopt Clean & Lean manufacturing to help
  5. preserve the green environment for our children and future generations
    minimize our production cost and maximize your benefits
  6. We design, develop & customize for you to help you put your conception into reality.

As an innovative company, we are awarded the prestigious pioneer status by the Malaysian government through the Ministry of International Trade and Industries.

All our gloves are granted preferential tariff treatment such as GSP (Europe), JMEPA (Japan), CEPT (ASEAN) & AANZFTA (Australia & New Zealand). 

Where we are . . .

Our factory is strategically located on a 5-acre site in Bakar Arang Industrial Estate in Sungai Petani, Malaysia. It is approx. 35km from the Penang Bridge which links to Penang Island. We are supported by strong, excellent infrastructures with very ideal & peaceful surroundings.

Who we are . . .

We are a team of well-experienced professionals who are merely passionate about gloves. We devise the finest coating to the finest fabric with great care to ensure that our world-wide customers receive only the best from our efforts.

Our R&D center which is separately located in the island of Penang focuses on the development of new gloves, new production lines and new process of glove manufacturing. We also have another R&D & QC lab inside our factory which caters to the immediate needs of our daily operation. Backed by a solid team of well-experienced chemists & technologists collectively from various glove backgrounds, our talent and experience is based on the knowledge bank we proudly possess in our experienced people that no new-comer will be able to match.

We Simply Love Making Gloves!

We support our customers with all-rounded R&D functions such as from early sample development stage, functional analysis, process-oriented validation, etc. We are fully committed to innovations and we strive to be a technology-driven glove manufacturer in Malaysia that focuses on innovative eco-friendly gloves which provide solutions to the present markets. Let us help you to transform your conception into reality.
Our Manufacturing - It is our company's policy to adopt Clean and Lean manufacturing:

In Clean Manufacturing, we use only solvent-free, water-based formulations & processes to reduce our impact on the environment. More specifically, we adopt green technology and concept that reduces the use and generation of hazardous substances. We support the implementation of R.E.A.C.H. regulation in EU. We are doing this to help preserve the green environment for our children and future generations.

In our Lean Manufacturing, we focus on reasonable inventory & minimization of wastes with on-going process of continuously identifying, reducing and eliminating non-value-added activities, materials and other resources whilst we continuously improving on quality and efficiency. We are doing this so that we can constantly keep our cost low and pass on the low-cost advantage to our customers.

By combining Clean and Lean manufacturing concepts, we are able to we offer you user- & eco-friendly gloves of superior value at competitive pricing.